Tarbijavaidluses kohtusse pöördumine

How can I open a case file against a treder for bad service ? I got positive decision from Customer Dispute Committee that treder supposed to pay me a certain amount. But it been two month still i have not got any money from trader and they are not cooperating at all. So when i went back to Customer Dispute Committee they said to me go to court and apply there, we can not process furthermore only court dose have right to by force payment. Now i don't know apply in court. Please need your help to apply in court. 

The decisions of the Consumer Disputes Committee are not reviewed or amended by the chairmen of the committee or by the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. The proceedings of the Consumer Disputes Committee end with a decision and are not renewed even if the parties submit new claims, new evidence or otherwise wish to challenge. In this case, the case must be brought before a court no later than the time limit for lodging an objection specified in the decision.

Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the decision made in relation to you, it is only possible to continue the dispute in court proceedings. In court proceedings, you must submit a statement of claim to the court with all the evidence supporting the claim.

First of all, it is necessary to determine to which court to file a lawsuit (jurisdiction). As a rule, an action against a natural person must be filed with the court of his place of residence and against a legal person with the court of his place of residence, which is registered in the commercial register.

The application must be submitted  to the county court electronically via an e-file, by e-mail to the court's e-mail address or on A4-sized paper in clearly legible typeface. The statement of claim, like other documents submitted to the court, must be in Estonian, and documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation into Estonian.

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Monika Sulg