Online counselling
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A suitable counselling form for those who cannot go to an office but want to send documents to a lawyer, or receive written feedback and guidance. The waiting time for online counselling is up to 7 working days. 
Examples: drawing up of a claim for damages or an application for termination of a contract, making an inquiry, etc.
During the calendar year, all clients of Eesti Õigusbüroo OÜ, who have signed a client agreement and paid a fee of 5 euros, can use the online counselling service. Important to know:
* Advisers are lawyers working in Tallinn.
* In online counselling, the total amount of time spent on reviewing documents and performing other necessary activities (making inquiries from registries, processing materials, obtaining additional information and writing letters), is counted as time expenditure by a lawyer and is reflected on the invoice issued to the client.