Office-based legal advice
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We recommend it in case of complex and time-consuming problems when a client authorizes a lawyer to represent her/him, and the lawyer must prepare materials for bringing a claim before a court and act for her/him. The waiting time for advice at an office is up to two weeks.

Examples: complex disputes, which will likely be resolved with the help of a court.

During the calendar year, all clients of Eesti Õigusbüroo OÜ, who have signed a client agreement and paid a fee of 5 euros, can use the office-based advisory service.

Important to know:
* In 15 offices all over Estonia, lawyers of Eesti Õigusbüroo OÜ see clients in person. Locations of the offices are here.
* All relevant documents and materials considered necessary by the client to be submitted to a lawyer must be brought along. At the meeting, as a rule, an authorization is compiled, giving the lawyer the right to represent the client out of court, when turning to court and before the court.
* The total amount of time spent on listening to the client’s explanations and performing all necessary activities (preparing procedural documents, making inquiries, compiling replies, requests, statements, etc.) is counted as time expenditure by a lawyer.  

* For the reimbursement of additional costs related to court proceedings (state fee, bail, witness fees, lawyer transportation costs, etc.) a separate agreement will be drawn.