The common belief is that legal aid is expensive. Everybody knows that. It’s a fact. People think it is not for me. They try to cope with problems by themselves. Postpone dealing with it. But legal problems are like any other problems – if you have a toothache, go see the dentist. The earlier, the better. Do not postpone it,
do not try to fix it yourself. Consult an expert!

Statistics show that traditional law firms service appr. 20% of potential clients who can afford that. We as a legal aid provider, enter into the market share of 80%. And this is exciting!

We have proven ideas on how to lower costs and be appealing to these people. We are going to break the myth that legal aid is expensive and meant only for the rich (and beautiful :). On the other hand, there are a great number of highly qualified lawyers who do not mind some extra work. A great number of them can avoid traditional legal office routine and be masters of their own time, to be freelancers (which is overall megatrend in labor market). We provide that.

We have already developed a matchmaking platform for lawyers to meet the 80% market share. A Uber of legal aid, so to call. Lawyers can concentrate only on the very essence of their work – practicing only that certain law field they choose and doing that at time and manner of their preference. All other issues – running a company, billing, marketing, CRM, etc etc – are dealt by our platform (and most of it is automated).

Legal services is one of the last industries to undergo technological development. But the changes are inevitable. We are highly motivated in following the overall trends and in making the world a better place. The processes, the changes have already begun.

On Septmeber Base Camp hackathon challenged us to develop and market a new feature in the next 48 hours. We developed an automated solution to provide legal aid to appeal debt collection claims. The customer turns to us due to a claim and under 4 minutes robot generates a document that is legally valid and reduces the claim by 50%, in average.
It can be compared to the world’s first robot lawyer – DoNotPay, to appeal parking tickets.
Why we chose debt collection issue? It's widespread, under-regulated, the claims are 8-10 times of the principal amount, 85% of debtors never appeal, 20% of Estonian population have issues with debt collectors. But there are legal effective remedies to fight unjust claims.

Result: we built Estonias first robot lawyer. So far, our robot has automatically generated more than 700 appeal documents to be sent to the debt collector and 3 times as many have started conversations with our chatbot.

Our team has all the necessary aspects covered. We simply follow the trend of IT revolution. We use data to identify trending legal issues. We continue working further in improving user experience both for lawyers and clients. We are planning a new brand name  (HUGO) and visual identity as we go abroad. In five years we’ll be on a global scale know as Uber of legal aid. We automize further the processes of certain legal matters step by step with an end goal in mind – a universal robot lawyer. Probably by the time flying cars are everyday reality, we have our AI lawyer up and running.

When we reveal our plans to other lawyers, we get them quite often worried – are we going to lose our jobs, they ask?

We explain, well commercial aviation started more than 100 years ago, but since autopilot, the industry started to boom – there are more pilots and airplanes in the air than ever before. Flying is affordable for most through automatization, legal aid isn't. Robot lawyer will be the game changer and will do what autopilot did in the aviation industry.

As there are many different lawyers in Eesti Õigusbüroo, working hard to help all the people who deserve help, we have joint all their forces behind one name, one face, one identity: HUGO - the superhero who is saving people from their everyday trouble. And by doing that  - saving their world.

So to sum it up - We are distributing the legal industry by redesigning the legal marketplace. We are matching the right work, to the right talent, at the right time, in your jurisdiction and at the right cost. With that we collect metadata wich will guide us making commercial rational decisions in the legal industry and building AI lawyer in the future.

Legal aid is not a privilege! Eesti Õigusbüroo - Justice for all!

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